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ProLon® mitigates the burden and danger of water-only fasting, while responding to the unmet need of having a tasty and convenient, proven and safe dietary program that does not require ongoing lifestyle changes, such as long-term dieting.

Research & Science 

ProLon: The Longevity Diet 

The purpose of mimicking and enhancing a 5-day fasting state is to induce the body’s natural protective and regenerative capabilities; FMDs have been proven by the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California (USC) to clinically induce multiple healthy systemic, metabolic and cellular effects.

15 years of extensive pre-clinical and clinical studies sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and conducted at the Longevity Institute and Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute of the University of Southern California (USC) resulted in the development of the first FMD™ (ProLon®) which stimulates:

  • High levels of protection and stress resistance in cells
  • Removal of damaged cells and tissues
  • Self repair of cells resulting in regeneration and rejuvenation within the body

February 2017

State of the art research and development, and pre-clinical and clinical trials for Prolon® were conducted at the University of Southern California’s Longevity Institute and Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute, and sponsored by the National Cancer Institutes (NCI) and National Institute on Aging (NIA) of the National Institute of Health (NIH).

​Fasting-mimicking diet and markers/risk factors for aging, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

ProLon® meals come in 5 small boxes (one for each day) that include plant-based energy bars, soups, a variety of snacks, drinks, and supplements, all studied and carefully designed to nourish your body and promote positive changes in metabolic markers, cellular rejuvenation, reduced inflammation, and healthy aging.

What's Inside?

The ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet can have a significant anti-aging impact on the body. This meal program is only 5-days, and is designed to nourish your body while promoting regenerative and rejuvenating changes. It also targets a wide range of markers that contribute to aging, such as cholesterol, inflammation, and fasting glucose.

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