(928) 208-1327

1. Stop in to for a FREE consultation. Appointments can be scheduled at (928) 208-1327 

2. Next, you'll need blood drawn. This can be done at any lab, and we can provide a labslip at the consultation

3. Once blood work is completed, call (928) 208-1327 to schedule a Medical Clearance appointment with Dr.Persaud. This appointment will take place at Midwest Internal Medicine 1840 Mesquite Ave STE B, Lake Havasu City

4. Be sure to have all paper work filed out BEFORE you see the doctor and arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment. Don't forget your insurance card!

5. Immediately after the Medical Clearance, stop by Express Health AZ at 2150 McCulloch Blvd. B, Lake Havasu City, where staff will review your Binder and perform a Body Composition Analysis. 

Express Health AZ offers a physician-supervised weight loss clinic designed to help patients lose weight quickly and safely-and keep it off. Express Health's encouraging and supportive environment assists patients to reach a healthy weight. This, in turn, can improve underlying medical issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and improve ambulation. We offer weekly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy lectures and monthly follow-up visits to ensure maximum safety and adherence to the diet to improve outcomes.                   

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