Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Lectures

Please Note

  • Wednesday classes begin promptly on the half-hour.

  • Please place food order and weigh-in with staff prior to lecture. 
  • If you can't attend Wednesday classes, please coordinate a schedule with Express Health AZ staff. We will accommodate you as much as we can.

Wednesday Class

Class begins at 6:30am / Food Sales & Weigh-in start at 5:45am

Class begins at 7:30am / Food Sales & Weigh-in start at 6:45am

Class begins at 8:30am / Food Sales & Weigh-in start at 7:45am

Class begins at 3:30pm / Food Sales & Weigh-in start at 2:45pm

Class begins at 4:30am / Food Sales & Weigh-in start at 3:45am

Class begins at 5:30pm / Food Sales & Weigh-in start at 4:45pm

(928) 208-1327